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Clubhouse closed until further notice.

Tennis courts are now open.

The playground is now open.

The pool is scheduled to open June 5, 2020.

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Avocet Administration
Avocet POA, Inc. is run by a Board of Directors (BOD) that is elected at the Annual Meeting of Members.

The Association can hire a property management company to provide administrative support and expertise in the running of the Association. The company is engaged by the BOD and works under its direction.

The management company maintains the official records of the Association which are available for inspection at their offices by any Member of Avocet. The records include account information for each member (balances due, covenants infractions, etc.) as well as the Association records (minutes, resolutions, and financials). Unofficial copies of the minutes and financials are presented on this web site for your reference.

Management Company Information

  Community Management Associates (CMA)
Property Manager: Michelle Solary-Irastorza - management@avocet-hoa.org
1465 Northside Drive
Suite 128
Atlanta, GA 30318

  Office: (404) 835-9100
Michelle Solary-Irastorza: (404) 835-9225
Fax: (404) 835-9200

  CMA provides Avocet Members with access to their account information on the web. Just select the Resident Login button. You must register before logging in which can be done in the same place. All members should have received the information necessary to register in the mail. If you are unable to register follow the "Request Login Info" link or contact the property manager for assistance.

Annual Assessment

  Association documents provide for an annual assessment, the amount of which is set by the BOD at a Meeting of the Members called with an announcement of that purpose. At this writing, the annual assessment is set at $600 per lot (subject to future change).

Although the amount is due in full at the beginning of each calendar year, the BOD has the authority to allow periodic payments regularly throughout the year as a convenience to the Members. At this writing the payments are allowed on a monthly basis ($50 per month per lot).

Coupon books are issued annually for the convenience of the Members. If you are in need of a coupon book please contact the management company as indicated above.

Special Assessments

  Association documents provide for special assessments to cover capital expenses. These assessments require approval by the membership at a Meeting of the Members called with an announcement of that purpose. At this writing there are no special assessments in effect (subject to future change).

Architectural Control

  Association documents provide for architectural control through an Architectural Control Committee (ACC) that works at the pleasure of the BOD. Guidelines, forms, and contact information are available on the ACC committee page.

If you are affecting the appearance or grading of your lot, even repainting with the same color(s), you are required to get approval from the ACC in addition to any government permits or legal requirements. It is in your best interest to get approval prior to beginning work to avoid any problems. Please be sure to abide by your responsibilities as a Member of Avocet to avoid any additional cost and potential unpleasantness.

Property Maintenance

  Association documents provide for the enforcement of property maintenance above and beyond what is required by government ordinances. The Association is empowered to address problems itself at the property owners expense following proper notification. The Association (or anyone) can also report a code violation to the proper authorities for violations that fall under it.

Facility Keys

  Association documents provide for restricting access to Association controlled facilities. The pool area and tennis courts have keyed access for security and safety purposes. All Members (and their guests) that are current on required payments are allowed access.

Association documents also allow for additional fees for the use of facilities by Members and non-members. As of this writing (and subject to future change) there are no additional fees required for Members except for the use of the clubhouse for private functions. Non-member participation on tennis teams is allowed with an additional fee based on rules established by the BOD.

If you are a Member in need of a key for the pool area and tennis courts, please contact our key issuers or the management company as indicated above.

Association Documents

  Avocet POA, Inc. is defined by its documents.
  As a Georgia Non-Profit Corporation, Avocet POA, Inc. is also subject to the Nonprofit Corporations section (Title 14, Chapter 3) of the Georgia Code.

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